Heritage Buildings

1. Heat pumps for historic building

                                                                                             Photo: stiebel-eltron.co.uk

Soulton Hall is a hotel from the Elisabethan age, located in the county of Shropshire. The owners are commited to sustainability, therefore they are using 200 solar panels to power the heat pumps. Before this, they were using fossil fuels to heat up the 30 rooms building.

What was implemented

                                                                                             Photo: stiebel-eltron.co.uk

To make the system more efficient, two large ground source heat pumps were installed: Stiebel Eltron WPF 27 HT and Stiebel Eltron WPF 35. Both generate 62 kW on maximum output, while during the summer only 27 kW of the energy is being used. The first one is used for heating and hot water, whilst the second one is used only for heating.


Almost 14.000 euros/year in fuel costs + considerable CO2 emmision reduction.

2. Energy from river Thames

                                                                            Photo: heatpumps.danfoss.co.uk

On a historic property located near river Thames, a former engineer installed a 12MW Danfoss DHP-H Opti Pro heat pump using the energy from the river. The four bedroom property was initially heated with an LPG system, but the owner wanted to lower his expenses with a new heating system.

What was implemented

As the river has a constant temperature throught the year, the company Geothermique installed a submersible pump half a meter under the river to supply the heat exchanger. From there, a 30 meters pipe line provides the warm water to the house. The heat pump uses the already existent radiators and also provides the home's hot water.

Financial savings

Approximately 4000 euros/year.