City of Drammen

Project name: Drammen Fjernvarme  

Project manager:  Jon Ivar Bakk, David Pearson

Project details:

  • Realizing that the 8 ̊C averaging fjord temperature throughout the year is an ideal heat source for water source heat pumps, the heating company of Drammen took the chance to switch from fossil fuels to renewable heat generation.
  • Drammen was the first large heat pump in the world to achieve 90C using a natural working fluid.
  • Having been operating for nearly 4 years the heat pump has reached the mark of 200 GWh of successful heat generation.
  • Covering more than 75% of the annual heat demand of Drammen, the heat pump is the main component of Drammen’s district heating system.
  • To meet the high heating demand Drammen decided to install a heat pump system of 13.2 MW capacity, comprising three identical two-stage ammonia heat pump units. It provides hot water at 90°. COP of 3.05 is achieved, higher than initially expected.
  • The replacement of oil boilers with heat pumps allows annual savings of 14,900 t CO2e 1. With the electricity generation based to 96% on renewables, the heat generation using a heat pump in Norway is effectively zero carbon.
  • Without this heat pump, the city would have burned an additional 220 GWh with a mix of biomass, gas or oil.
  • The overall annual carbon savings of 15,000 t CO2 due to this project equal a driving distance in a car of 83,333,333 km which is 2080 times in an average car around the globe or 108 times to the moon and back.
  • Thanks to the high return on investment the heat pump system already paid for itself.
  • The HFC emissions from a heat pump the size of Drammen would have been equivalent to 800,000km driving.
  • The efficiency improvement over HFCs is around 20%
  • Article on the BBC 

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