Heat Pump City of the Year 2013

The city of Amstetten won the 2013 edition of the Heat Pump city of the year.

With 20.000 inhabitants, Amstetten has been very active in the field of sustainable development. The aim of the winning project was to explore and optimize the use of waste heat in the city.  The first waste-water plant was established in October 2012.

The project integrates one heat pump of 230 kW and it uses waste water as the energy source for the heat pump.  The heat pump covers the 99,9% of energy demand and an existing gas boiler is used as a back up source. The heat pump supplies with heating and cooling the Stadwerke Amstetten building and a neighbouring power plant.

Furthermore, this model for heating and cooling can be used in about 400 Austrian communities since it is possible to be installed to any city with waste water channels.

The award was handed over to the representatives of Amstetten Mr. Robert Simmer and Mr. Laurentius Palmetzhofer on May, 14th 2013 during an EHPA dinner event.

The victory of the city was also celebrated by the local television M4TV with a video. To watch it please click on: 

http://www.m4tv.at/news/Amstetten_wird_europaeische_Waermepumpenhauptstadt_2013-2232.html (the video is available only in German)

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