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EHPA Newsletter is a quaternary publication distributed in Brussels to stakeholders from the Energy field. Publications are free of charge for EHPA members and advertising is possible under a mutual agreement. For the inputs, please observe the following points.


What kind of information should I send?

We expect factual information. All text should provide a broader, conceptual perspective on a given topic using products as examples. Please be aware that we do not accept marketing material. The text should not describe the advantages of a given company product.


How many words do we accept?

The given slot in the newsletter varies according to the input material. Articles that fits in to the topic on the call usually can have up to four A4 pages including captioned pictures. Whereas EHPA’s members/events partners ads usually takes only about 1/8 of an A4 page.
Work count table:

  • Editorial + face picture: Between 450 and 500 words.
  • One page, title and no pictures: 850 – 900 words
  • One page, title and 1 picture: 500 – 600 words
  • One page, title and 2 pictures: 550 words
  • One page, 3 pictures: 300 – 350 words
  • 1/2 page, no pictures: 300 – 400 words
  • 1/2 page, 1 picture: 250 – 300 words
  • 1/2 page, 2 picture: 200 – 300 words
  • 1/4 Page + title + small picture: 100 – 150 words


Can I include figures?

We expect at least one illustrative picture or figure on each page, integrated into the text. Please send the pictures in the highest resolution as possible. (at least 30dpi, TIFF or imilar)


How should I structure it?

Please organize the article in a simple word document structured as follows:

  • Title: Max 2 short sentences
  • Subtitle calling for the article: max two sentences
  • Subheadings dividing the article in blocks of 2-4 paragraphs
  • Author full contact details at the end and logo


Can I submit my organisation's logo?

We are pleased to include your logo by each article signature. Please send your logo in the highest resolution as possible. (Formats: vector graphs, .eps or .pdf)



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